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The location and accessibility of the Southwoods Settings are already good enough reasons for you to move into the community but the community itself actually has more to offer just to make the deal even sweeter.

Security and overall safety of the residents is the main concern of the Southwoods Settings, which is why the developers did everything that they can to make them feel at ease. Aside from the usual security features like the high perimeter wall and security personnel, there are also dozens of security cameras installed in strategic locations all over the community. In case an intruder manages to gain entry into the Southwoods Settings, he will not be staying for long as he will undoubtedly be caught by the lens of the cameras and the watchful eyes of the security professionals who are constantly monitoring the feeds.

Unlike the other, smaller subdivisions, where the aim of the developers is just to make a good profit, the streets and roads in Southwoods Settings are wide enough not just for regular vehicles to pass through. Even the large emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines will not have a hard time navigating through them. If a fire does break out within the community then the security office will immediately get in touch with the nearest fire station and hospital so they can respond within just minutes.

Aside from the safety features, Southwoods Settings also provides recreational amenities that will make the residents feel much more at home. First, there are several open spaces within the Settings community. These mini-parks are all beautifully landscaped and have park benches where you can sit down and relax.

There is also a communal, multi-purpose hall right in the middle of the compound. You can rent this place when you need a rather large venue for a party or any kind of celebration. Aside from the multi-purpose hall, there is also a community pool area that has two swimming pools - an adult-sized pool and a wading pool for the little kids (and grown-ups who just want to sit in the water and relax). There is also a lounge area around the pools that have lounge chairs and tables so you and your family can relax after a long day of swimming.

There is also a basketball/volleyball court where you and your friends can shoot some hoops day or night. There are flood lights surrounding the court area that you can turn on at night, for a small fee of course. For the little kids, there is a playground beside the multi-purpose hall. There, your kids can play with the other neighborhood children and you do not have to worry too much about their safety because there are security cameras constantly keeping watch over them.

Probably the best feature of the Southwoods Settings is that there are plenty of trees inside the community. This simple touch actually makes the Settings feel more organic and homely in comparison to the other compounds that are full of townhouses and completely devoid of trees and shrubs.

  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Adult and kiddie swimming pools
  • Basketball court
  • Children’s park and playground
  • Landscaped parks and open spaces
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