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Avida Land : Avida Southfield Settings NUVALI For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Celine ₱ 4.7M – 6.3M 52 sqm – 128 sqm
Macy ₱ NA 67 sqm – 128 sqm
Trista ₱ NA 86 sqm – 141 sqm

You are not really sacrificing anything when you decide to leave Metro Manila and move into the Southwoods Settings Nuvali. In fact, you will be doing yourself and your family a favor. Not only will you be moving into a beautifully designed home. In a community that has a great balance of nature and modern amenities, you will also be in a location that is highly accessible to everything that you may need or want.

Since you will be living right next door to Nuvali, you will always be spoiled for choices when it comes to commercial establishments, recreational activities, and other facilities. Everything is already within the Nuvali complex. However, you can also venture into the neighboring cities for more options if you like. For instance, you can head over to Calamba City (just fifteen minutes by car) so you can find several large malls, colleges and universities, and private and government hospitals. You really do not need to travel that far to find whatever it is you need.

Almost gone are the days when people from the provinces venture into Metro Manila to live the high life. These days, denizens of the Metro are looking for a place that can provide them with a peaceful environment away from the stresses of the city. Southwoods Settings is one such place that can provide you with all of your needs without any compromise. If you are convinced that you need to relocate to the Southwoods Settings Nuvali, then you need to act fast as there are very limited slots left available and they might be gone soon.

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